WIP Wednesday

I’ve missed a couple of these; been busy getting ready for some craft fairs coming up. Two this month (November) and at least one next month (December). Possibly two. So, I’ve been crafting my little fingers off. Here is this week’s WIP:




And here are some of the pieces I’ve finished recently:



Brain Cancer Awareness Bracelets/Anklets


Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Bracelets/Anklets


Abalone Shell Necklace


Crocheted wire necklace


Crocheted wire necklace


Crocheted wire necklace


Crocheted wire necklace


Dangle earrings


Dangle earrings


Dangle earrings

I’ve also finished some Christmas orders:


Black, blue, and white stone chip necklace with raw freshwater pearls in black and white, and with a dangling pendant


Teal, Blue, and tan beaded necklace with beaded peacock pendant


Beaded Byzantine weave chainmaille bracelets


Aaaaand….  I think that’s about it from me!


Light Box!

ErMaGerd, you guys! I made myself a light box! Lightbox? Is it all one word or two? Whatever; I’m not a photographer. BUT, I needed one in order to take better photos for my shop. So, I built myself one! It’s kind of crappy, to be honest, and very cheap, since I made it out of foam board, masking tape, and tissue paper…. but it gets the job done! For now, anyway… at least until my clumsy self breaks it, or one of my cats decides to sit on (or in) it.




This is my little homemade light box (lightbox?). You can see how cheap looking it is. Actually, you can see the leftover foam board, tissue paper (folded under the foam board) and masking tape in the lower right corner.


BUT! Here’s the difference.

Before the light box:


After the light box:



Before the light box:





Clearly, I’m very pleased with myself. So, YES! New light box, which means new pictures, which means I can update the store!


Stay tuned, friends! Lots of happenings coming in the near future.



Custom Requests

I received some requests for custom pieces for Christmas gifts, and I was able to finish two of them over the weekend. The first is a gold and green anodized aluminium Byzantine chain mail weave bracelet:



And the second is this lovely two-strand beaded necklace in shades of turquoise and beige, with a turquoise and orange studded peacock pendant:


These pieces will not be available in the shop, since they are custom pieces and have already been spoken for. Want a custom piece made for yourself, or as a gift for someone else? Contact me. Let’s collaborate.



Stuff and Junk

I have to get better about updating this blog thing. I get so lost in the creative aspect of designing, that I completely forget about the other aspect of my business, which is actually selling the things I create. Which means that I have to start remembering to update my blog with Works-In-Progress, and I have to start updating my store. I realize that the store itself isn’t live yet, which is a good thing for me, since I haven’t been very good about adding things to it. I’ll get better. I promise. I just don’t want the store to go live until I’ve updated it with all of the current pieces I have for sale.

In the meantime, here’s my most recent creation. This will eventually be for sale in my shop, provided someone doesn’t see it and buy it before I get it added to the store.




Hijinks and Happenings

Day 1, and I’m already off to a rocky start. I’ve had to run to the craft store for the last three days in a row! Though, I don’t suppose that’s so much of a rocky start as it is an influx of creative ideas. Silver lining…?

Then again, I have to go back to the craft store tomorrow to pick up some things to make my own lightbox so that the photos I take of my creations aren’t so….. icky? Plebeian? Amateur?

Oh, who am I kidding?! I’m a total amateur when it comes to photography. But, thanks to YouTube and a crafty mind, I have an idea that will (hopefully) save me.

In the meantime, here’s a picture of my most recent creation (minus the nifty lightbox). This crocheted wire necklace will be available in the store, once I get everything up and running.